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Obeying the call. Living now. No limits.

We’re not on sabbatical anymore, though we are still full-time RVers. It feels like we are being moved into the next phase of our life, and we want to share it with you.

We hope this blog encourages you to live outside the “box” society says we should build, and instead live now, without limits.

Tim & Candy (aka The Doctors Rice)

We share:

  • Our thoughts on a variety of subjects

  • Our travel adventures

  • And our photos.


The Doctors Rice are consultants seeking to help organizations around the world in timeframes ranging from a week to a year or more.

Tim Rice

DSM Sports Management | MSS Sports Management | BS Physical Education

I grew up in the Gulf Coast community of Robertsdale, Alabama, just across the bay from Mobile. I have been talking about basketball since I was barely able to walk (even when I could not pronounce the word!).

Not many people are given the chance to be a head coach at the college level, but I had that chance for five seasons. I also coached girls at the high school level for three years. Along the way, I have coached numerous All-American, All-State, All-Region, and All-Conference athletes. Many of these young people went on to become coaches and teachers…what a blessing it was to have a small part in this!

I graduated from the University of Mobile (AL) in 1993 with a degree in physical education and a minor in history. I was a competitive distance runner in college, earning NAIA All-District and All-Gulf Coast Athletic Conference honors in cross country and leading my team to three NAIA National Championship Meets. I also worked hard during the summers to earn my graduate and doctoral degrees in sport management from the United States Sports Academy in 1999 and 2005, respectively, after college while I was coaching at the college level.

I am married to the smartest, most beautiful person I have ever met, Candy, and we are coming up on our 20th anniversary in September. We call Lakeway, Texas, home but do a ton of traveling around the US. I also serve as an adjunct online professor in sport management for six colleges and universities across the country. I stay busy!

Connect with Me

Basketball Mentoring | 512.585.0323 | tim@thedoctorsrice.com
Based in Austin, Texas. Available worldwide.

Dr. Candy Rice

Candy Rice

PhD Organizational Leadership | MBA Leadership | BA Theology

Born in a small, rural town in southwestern Minnesota, I grew up on a horse farm and learned a lot about life and the practicalities of surviving and thriving on the wind-swept prairie of the upper Midwestern United States. Some of my earliest life lessons were learned while baling hay, picking rocks, and riding beans as a hired hand for the nearby corn and soybean farmers. I think my dad was born a generation too late, as he preferred to do everything around our alfalfa and horse farm with draft horses and horse-drawn machinery rather than tractors, so I learned how to put up hay the old-fashioned way, drive a team of draft horses or mules, and also the joy of riding my favorite horse bareback while barefoot on sunny Minnesota summer afternoons!

I attended college in Minnesota, and a year after graduating with a degree in Theology, I met my husband Tim while we were both coaching at my alma mater, we became friends quickly, fell in love, and were married 11 months from the day we first met. The most amazing man I know, Tim is also my best friend and the love of my life, and we have already had lots of wonderful adventures in our nearly 20 years of marriage, having lived in 9 states in that time!

I completed my MBA online in 2003 at what is now one of the top online MBA programs in the U.S., Liberty University. The emphasis in leadership sparked a continued interest in the ways that great leadership can make business more than just about the bottom line. While enrolled full-time in the MBA program, I also took a full-load semester of grad classes on campus at a university in Pennsylvania, thinking that I would enjoy a degree in Mass Communication and Education Technology. Unfortunately, the program was ineptly named and turned out to be really all about Instructional Design, which has actually helped me in developing curriculum for classes and seminars over the years! I like to have a lot going at once…I seem to thrive with lots of variety!

I recently completed a PhD in Organizational Leadership online, and an article about my dissertation has been published in a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal. I’m definitely a lifelong learner and am loving learning more about business psychology with the hopes of applying the understanding of it and personality differences to the benefit of my marriage and to my clients!

If you’re interested in learning more about our adventure, we’d love to have you follow along as we explore more of the world while trying to grow and sustain our businesses!

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512.585.0741 | candy@thedoctorsrice.com
Based in Austin, Texas. Available worldwide.


Seeking to help leaders and organizations around the globe.