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/Connemara Drive and Miscellaneous

Connemara Drive and Miscellaneous

One Sunday afternoon early in April Tim and I drove out into Connemara, seeking back roads we had not yet driven. Although it was not a sunny day, it wasn’t raining either, which here in Ireland is always a pleasant surprise!

At any rate, as we were driving along and doing a bit of dreaming about the future, we came across an extraordinary lake. It was probably the quietest body of water I’ve ever seen. There was a little sandy beach with a small boat tied up, and the surrounding hillsides were perfectly reflected in the water. We pulled in and stood for a while just experiencing the quiet, then took a few photos with our phones. The images don’t do justice to how amazingly sharp the reflections were. However, as with all good things, our time there came to an end when the gnats swarmed us, triggering a sprint for the car and a race to close the car windows!

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