Picking it back up

/Picking it back up

Picking it back up

The time has come for us to pick up the blog “pen” and share more of our story.

After our wonderful experience in Ireland, and armed with new knowledge about how we could continue to do that kind of project (length of time Tim could be out of the country, etc.), we hit upon the idea of doing short-term “missions”–two-week out-of-country projects or longer-term US-based projects–in which we help an organization for low- or no-cost. This allows us to fulfill lifetime dreams of serving others even as we do our other, “real” work.

As many of you know, Tim excels at many things, one of which is naming our various activities/trips, etc. This is no exception. He has decided to call it….ready?…The Doctors Rice on a Mission. I love it!

Our new mission has taken us to a little town called Lanett, Alabama. Located on the state line with Georgia, Lanett is located about an hour southwest of Atlanta right off Interstate 85. It’s also about 90 minutes from Montgomery, 2 hours from Birmingham, and about 4 hours to the Gulf Coast. We have never lived in this area, so there will many circle drives ahead as we explore! Another bonus is that Tim’s family are in close proximity.

For at least the next 4 months, we are consulting with a private K-12 school whose headmaster is a connection of mine all the way back to my college athlete days: Rick Johnson. “Coach J,” as he was called back then, has been at the helm of this school for the past 6 years, and we have been talking occasionally for the past year or so about ways for us to be of service to the school. In January, we finally landed on something to which all of us could agree, and by February 5th we had packed up the RV, put it in storage, and were towing a small U-haul trailer to Alabama!

We arrived in Lanett on my 47th birthday (the 7th) and have since been settling in to our rooms. We are living in the school’s new dorm building for the international student boarding program they are starting this fall. Beginning our mission on the 12th has given us a short period of time to get up to speed so that we can really be of use when we get back from Ireland!

Yes, you read that right. Tim and I are off to the Emerald Isle for 2 weeks! Come back to this page in a day or so and we’ll have more info about the trip.

I’ll leave you with this funny sign we saw today as we were heading to the ATL security checkpoint. It kind of depicts how we feel some days…

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