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Rosscarbery Weekend

This post should maybe have been titled Spain Does Not Exist.

Because we hadn’t been able to travel to Spain over the Easter break in late March, we decided to make a weekend getaway to the southwestern Ireland town of Rosscarbery. We booked a lovely apartment on Airbnb around midnight on Friday the 8th of April, and on Saturday morning set out in the car on the 3.5 hour drive. The weather was pleasant in Galway but by the time we reached Limerick it had become rainy, a foretelling of what the weekend weather would be.

We arrived in Rosscarbery, a charming little resort town about 1 hour southwest of Cork on the N71. Our Airbnb host, Nora, was to meet us at Hubbert’s Crafts on the square in town, where we would collect the keys to the apartment. We easily found the shop on the lovely town square, and were heartily welcomed by the stylish and sweet Nora, owner of Hubbert’s and manager of several properties in the village. She had agreed to accommodate our last-minute booking, but it had required some maneuvering on her part. She went through Plan A and Plan B before settling on Plan C, which was a cute little 2-bedroom townhouse two doors down from the pink-painted Abbey Bar just off the square. She made sure we had WiFi and even had time between Friday midnight and Saturday afternoon to bake some scones and prepare a welcome snack basket in the apartment! We were completely charmed by her, and before we left on Monday afternoon I was able to browse her shop and pick up a few pieces of jewelry made by local Irish artists.

We had planned to drive to Kinsale and tour the Charles Fort on Sunday but it was pouring down rain without any indication of clearing up, so we decided instead to drive to Spain. Spain, Ireland. It showed up as a little town on our Google Maps and there appeared to be plenty of interesting small roads to drive on the way. Bonus!

We enjoyed our drive and eventually navigated our way to Spain, but where a town should have been (according to Google) instead was only a single house. Clearly, Google had duped us and we were thwarted in our efforts to be sassy! Oh well. We still had a great time driving around that part of Ireland and saw some scenery that was beautiful despite the nearly nonstop rain. A few other highlights from the trip include a full Irish breakfast at Ger’s Wild Atlantic Diner in Leap (pronounced Lep) and a glimpse of the Drombeg Stone Circle (too wet to hike out to it).

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